Edwin Rig

Edwin Update : Video!

Edwin is officially ready for some beta testers. Here’s a quick video I did showing off the flexibility of the rig.

Edwin Update : Animation Test!

The body beta is out to a select few people that are helping me with some minor issues. When you look at something for so long, you tend to get tunnel visioned. This is a chance for others to catch my mistakes, and see if there is anything broken or any features that need to be added. The face is in progress, and hopefully it’ll be done in the next couple of weeks. For now, here’s the first ever animation of Edwin!

Model Update : Shoes!




Edwin Leg Rig Update!

Started on the leg rig. I wanted to give the animator as much control as possible for the legs. I do believe that I will have to add a few more things later on, but right now, I think it’s a good start. Here’s a very quick demo!


Edwin Face Update!

Made some tweak, and I think he looks a ton better. He face was a bit droopy, so I pulled it up a bit, and fixed some topology on the ears, nose and eyes.





Here I will be posting updates to the Edwin Rig. Currently, the model is finished, but I need to fix a few things and get some proportions better suited toward the model. Watch out for a new update later this weekend!








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